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Specially designed rotor/stator mixers achieve ultra-high shear conditions which often result in extremely fine dispersions of pigments and other raw materials. More than just an ordinary 'pre-mixer', an ultra-high shear rotor/stator device can produce results comparable to one or two passes through a media mill.

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Rotor-stator machines are particularly well-suited for emulsifying tasks. The combination of high shearing and expanding forces in the mixing head allows for very fine droplets. High turbulences also enable rotor-stator machines to contribute to a quick transport of emulsifier molecules to the newly-formed surfaces.

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ROTOR/STATOR PUMP: For Fine Grain Mortars & Coatings: RSP200: Model RSP-200 is a rugged rotor/stator pump with variable output. Handles materials from paint to fine grain mortars; material output up to 3 gpm with a maximum pumping pressure of 300 psi.

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ROTOR/STATOR PUMP: For Fine Grain Mortars & Coatings: RSP200: Model RSP-200 is a rugged rotor/stator pump with variable output. Handles materials from paint to fine grain mortars; material output up to 3 gpm with a maximum pumping pressure of 300 psi.

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Turbo mills are used in a wide variety of applications from fine grinding of all types of soft and medium-hard materials to coating of powders, grind drying and the fiberisation of various products. Advantages. Easy adjustment of the refiner gap from 0.5 to 5 mm through the conical rotor and moveable stator. Ultra-fine powder.

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Dec 18, 2019· The mill will be a vertical fine grinding mill, where gravity forces enable a higher filling level than in horizontal mills and a hydraulic pressure on the grinding beads. The new improved design of the Mills Rotor/Stator system was launched into the market in the year 2018.

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FPS Mechanical Mills are designed to reduce agglomerates of pharmaceutical, chemical and food products down to fine size. The system includes hygienic design mill housing with interchangeable rotor and stator. The size reduction of the product is considered function of:

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Inline Rotor Stator Mixers Related Articles, Mixing Technology Insights and Whitepapers. High speed mixing: saw-tooth dispersers vs. rotor/stator mixers. High-capacity rotor/stator mixers. Move your media mill process to an ultra-high shear mixer. Run your rotor/stator mixer at maximum speed to optimize particle size reduction.

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The mechanical fine impact mill or centrifugal mill is usually operated in the form of a pin disc mill, blast mill, wing beater mill or grooved disc mill. Many products and finenesses for a wide variety of applications are processed with the universal mill, with a wide range of rotor and stator combinations that can be easily changed.

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IKA offers rotor-stator machines to ensure excellent dispersing results, good cleanability, and a long running life. Thanks to these characteristics as well as their easy-to-maintain design, the rotor-stator machines achieve a favorable cost-value ratio.

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The rotor and stator are extremely durable and offer long-term, dependable milling. For the history of flour milling, leading up to the invention of the Unifine Mill, and for detailed information on constructing a complete Unifine Milling System, click on the PDF below to read more information.

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Rotor and stator intermesh coaxially. Driven by a high-performance/ high-speed motor, the rotor generates an under-pressure, which continuously sucks in the ...


Fine impact mills use a high speed rotor to pulverize the material as it passes close to a serrated stator. These mills find applications in the minerals, chemicals, foodstuffs and animal feed industries, as well as in the production of pharmaceutical products.

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Depending on the application and product, the mill is equipped with differing rotor and stator variations and can be operated as any of the following mill types: Pin Mill, Blast Mill, Beater Mill or Attrition Disc Mill. One design variant with 2 housing doors can be used either as a single rotor or a counter-rotating pin mill.

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Jan 01, 2007· The separation between milling and classifying enables the rotor and stator to be optimised solely for the task of milling. The fineness of separator mills is limited in the coarse range by the classifier (to approximately 200 μm), and in the fine range by the limits of stress possible in rotor impact mills (to approximately. 10 μm). 4. Scale-up

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1. The first mixing zone uses sharp stator teeth to mill the fluid. 2. Next, fine serrations accelerate the fluid between the ultra-smooth, hardened surfaces of the spinning rotor and stator gap. 3. Finally, centrifugal forces impinge fluid on the stator wall for additional refinement. Standard Mill Construction

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Although less efficient than rotor-stator homogenizers, blade homogenizers (also called blenders) have been used for many years to produce fine brie and extracts from plant and animal tissue. The cutting blades on this class of homogenizer are either bottom or top driven and rotate at …

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Rotor and Beater Mills are ideal for pre-crushing and fine comminution of soft to medium-hard, brittle, fibrous and temperature-sensitive materials in analytic laboratories or industry. The sample is comminuted at high speed by impact and shearing forces.

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Colloid mill works on the rotor-stator principle. The equipment breaks down materials by forming dispersion of materials in a liquid. Shearing takes place in a narrow gap between a static cone (the stator) and a rapidly rotating cone (the rotor). To reduce wear, the rotor and stator are constructed using toughened steel or corundum.

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Feb 11, 2014· This indent may have always been there and I had not taken notice until after replacing the stator. It is even stronger while the plugs are removed. I had learned on my '02 FLHRSEI that it was fitted with the 45 amp rotor and that the magnets were very much stronger that those used on lower amp …

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Rotor-stator disperser Ψ-Mix ... Fine cutting mill *Prices are pre-tax. They exclude delivery charges and customs duties and do not include additional charges for installation or activation options. Prices are indicative only and may vary by country, with changes to the cost of raw materials and exchange rates. ...